The MirthMobile Story

This is the story of the MirthMobile

Brian Atkinson - Mirthmobile

Garth’s little blue pacer showed up first in Wayne’s World (1992). You may remember the guys singing along with Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” while driving around Aurora.

Brian Atkinson - Mirthmobile

In 1993, I took delivery on this little beauty, the Eagle Summit Wagon. My friends immediately dubbed it “The MirthMobile” and I had no problem with that. I eventually got a MIRTH license plate, and registered in 1998.

Brian Atkinson - Mirthmobile

In 2001, the blue PT Cruiser took the Summit’s place and got just a little Mirth-ier. The little guy made it to PA when I moved in 2008.

Brian Atkinson - Mirthmobile

The 2006 Toyota Rav4 took over on New Years Eve 2009. This version had 4-wheel drive and an awesome sound system. One day it started making an awful noise. I got it checked out and they couldn’t find anything. Then it got worse. They couldn’t find the cause and suggested I drive it until it got really bad. I disagreed.

Brian Atkinson - Mirthmobile

Rather than let it fail, I traded it on New Years Eve, 2011 for this mid-life crisis. A 2000 Mercedes hard-top convertible. It was really fun to drive until I realized that it really wasn’t “me” – and had no back seat – AND couldn’t fit my bass amp in the trunk. Back to the dealer it went.

Brian Atkinson - Mirthmobile

I drove away with the exact opposite two days later. This 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid was the nerdiest of the MirthMobiles. I contemplated painting it blue until I took a road trip. My butt hurt. I’m sorry, but it did. It wasn’t my back, it was my butt, and it hurt. I took it back.

Brian Atkinson - Mirthmobile

And then the 2012 Nissan Juke. It’s a good fit. It’s fun to drive. It’s mirthy. It’s the end result of 4 cars in 8 days. How’s that?

Rav4 12/31
Mercedes 12/31
Honda 1/2
Juke 1/6
That’s how!

So how was that possible? It’s Wacky.

Financially – the trades from Rav4 to Honda were even trades. I came out ahead on the Mecedes and back where I started with the Honda. Trading that up to the Juke did increase my debt, but not by much – AND – I’m getting a refund on the extended warranty so it’s even less. I don’t like debt, but I feel OK with this.

Finally, I’m back in a real MirthMobile. The Honda? – no. The Mercedes? – not really. Even the Rav4 was not so mirthy. The Juke… well… the name says it. The funny thing is that it’s so very much like my “1982 Dream Car” – the AMC Eagle SX/4. My 14 year old self knew me well.

ta da.

Now… should I get the flames magnet?

Brian Atkinson - Mirthmobile

Anyone want to give me the $35?

Juke: Football
v. To deceive or outmaneuver (a defending opponent) by a feint; fake.
n. A feint or fake.
[Middle English jowken, to bend in a supple way.]

So, that was a happy little adventure of nearly 12 years. Until I broke the Juke. No one was hurt but the car.

Welcome to the 2023 version of the MirthMobile, a 2022 Mazda CX-30.