I’m Brian Atkinson. I started this site in 1998 when I wrote my very first web page and started putting things out there that amused me and some of my friends.

I’m a comedian, voice actor, MC, and speaker – I have a lot of t-shirts.


I grew up near Chicago, in Downers Grove, IL. I’m a lifelong Cubs and Bears fan. I spent a little time in Cheshire, CT, Champaign/Urbana, IL, Los Angeles, CA,  and Philadelphia, PA. Other than that, I’ve been in or near Grand Rapids, MI.  I’ve got an interesting adoption story.

My career as a well respected stand-up comic and voice actor has been briefly interrupted by my work as an internet professional, IT support, retail manager, radio announcer, janitor, welder, and ice-cream man. My resume is on kinson.us.

What’s the MirthMobile story?


I was adopted as an infant, but I’ve been reunited with my biological family.

I’ve got an interesting adoption story.


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